ECB Aqua Treadmill

The ECB Aqua Treadmill allows horses to exercise in a controlled environment, using natural gaits without undue stress or trauma making it a powerful tool for conditioning, rehabilitation after surgery or injury, and for the treatment of many injuries.

Aqua Treadmill Benefits

By introducing water, you are creating a controlled/non-concussive environment. The buoyancy of the water means you can ask the muscles and skeleton to work harder without any concussion whatsoever on the joints. The action through the water means all axis are working together, in a uniformed way, without the weight of a, normally unbalanced, rider and the variable water depths and incline give you the opportunity to work on different muscle groups. With the depth of the water you have increased hydrostatic pressure which helps to increase circulation and if the water is refrigerated you will see a reduction of swelling/inflammation.

Our ECB Aqua Treadmill is ideal for:

Fitness Conditioning
Core Strengthening
Rehab Soft Tissue Injuries
Improving Stride Length
Degenerative Joint Issues
Kissing Spine